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August 17, 2004

Good things happening to AJDT....

Hot on the heels of AJDT 1.1.11, AJDT 1.1.12 was released last week. It's more than just a bug fix release with some good new features, including at long last support for showing the crosscutting relationships from aspects in binary libraries. Check out the AJDT 1.1.12 New-and-noteworthy document at the AJDT site. Congratulations to Matt Chapman who won his commit rights on the AJDT project earlier this month and oversaw the development of this AJDT release - freeing up more time for me to spend on AspectJ itself.

Speaking of AspectJ, it's coming on at a pace. Three weeks ago I posted to the dev list that Andy (Clement) and I were about to put a focused effort onto AspectJ development. I just asked bugzilla - turns out we've resolved 78 bugs and enhancement requests in that time, and also upgraded the JDT compiler level, made major improvements to the structure model used by the IDE tools, and revamped portions of our testing strategy. You can track our progress towards AspectJ 1.2.1 by looking at AspectJ bugs on Bugzilla with a 'target milestone' field value of "1.2.1". It's great to be back doing core development work again - long may it last.

On a final note - I spent a day last week chasing down as many references as I could to papers giving either qualitative or quantitative assessments of the benefits of using AspectJ (vs. OOP) on development projects (these were academic papers). There's a steadily growing body of work in this area and the results unanimously point to the fact that AspectJ improves modularity and separation of concerns. I'll post a set of links / references for these papers shortly so that those of you who are so inclined can read them for yourselves and draw your own conclusions.

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