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September 06, 2005

Joining Interface21

I'm pleased to announce plans for much closer integration between the Spring and AspectJ projects in the near future. Spring and AspectJ already fit well together: Spring can be used to configure aspects, aspects can be used to drive Spring configuration, and we are working on opening up the AspectJ pointcut language so that external tools can create pointcuts at runtime, and then perform matching. This facility will be used by Spring to support AspectJ pointcut expressions in its AOP proxy framework.

As of October, this relationship will move onto a new level as I have resigned from my current post at IBM to take up the post of Chief Scientist at Interface21. I will continue to work on and lead the AspectJ project (no change there), and will also be working on some of the Spring core and AOP support to make the integration with AspectJ as seamless as possible and to take the AOP message to as broad an audience as we can. I'm leaving behind a fantastic IBM team who have worked with me on AspectJ and AJDT these past few years, and they will carry right on working on these projects when I leave. Rest assured that I'm still working flat out on completing AspectJ 5 too.

I've written before about the combination of dependency injection, aspects, and annotations as forming the ideal platform on which to build applications (see " The New Holy Trinity" ). Spring and AspectJ are the two leading technologies in this space, and bringing them together under one roof promises to be very exciting. I'm sure that AspectJ can learn some things from the Spring community, but also that as an AspectJ community we have much to offer to Spring as well.

Thank you for the great support that you all give to the AspectJ project - it really does make a difference. I'm looking forward to delivering the tools you need to develop great software for a long time to come yet...

Regards, Adrian. AspectJ project lead.

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