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December 21, 2005

AspectJ 1.5.0 is here at last!

It was a long road....

But I'm delighted to say that AspectJ 1.5.0 final has now shipped. You can get a copy of the command line compiler and tools from the AspectJ downloads page. You can also get AspectJ 5 integrated into the final releases of :

AspectJ 5 breaks new ground for the world of AOP in a number of areas including (afaik - please correct me if this is not the case):

  • The first AOP language to fully support Java 5
  • The first implementation of generic aspects (using type parameters in pointcuts, advice, and ITDs in addition to regular generics features)
  • The first aspect language to provide a full reflection API (AjTypeSystem)
  • The first aspect language to offer code-style, annotation-style (@AspectJ) and XML based configuration with the same weaver and semantics

Now that the code is finally released, I'm finally able to spend more time talking about some of the new features. Ron Bodkin highlighted one new "hidden nugget" in AspectJ 5 in his blog entry. Here's another one: What do you do the night before a release? Update the docs of course! So one of the things I spent Monday night doing was updating the popular AspectJ "quick reference" to include all of the AspectJ 5 features. Time to download the AspectJ 5 quick reference and update the copy on your wall. It is on your wall isn't it ;)

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